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iTunes Reviews 5 stars - "Rocks!!! I was born in Detroit and I love my rock and roll. Give me a psychedelic rock band with great songs and moody guitars and I'm a happy girl. The band is tight, funky and the guitars are beautiful. I love the post-Beatle loveliness of When It Comes Down and the moody blues of Get Free. Put it on, lay back and groove." 5 stars - "Get Free is an album everyone needs to hear! The songs run the gamut from acoustic-based tunes like Howl at the Moon to the lusty, rocking Demon in the Sack. Did I mention these folks can jam?" 5 stars - "The real deal!! Debra and Devi are a breath of fresh air in a world of wannabes and clones...real original rock music with a sound all their own. Even performing a cover like Runaway the band puts their own powerful signature on the performance, and their original songs burn with explosive energy. A highly recommended release from this free-spirited power trio." LYRICS & CREDITS PHOTO JOURNAL: RECORDING GET FREE ALBUM ART: 8-page booklet of photos, lyrics, credits GEAR: Guitars & Amps Debra Devi Used on Get Free GET FREE was produced by Debra Devi with Wayne Dorell (Pavement, Val Emmich), Anthony Krizan (Amfibian, Phoebe Snow) and Jerry Ramos (Obie Bermudez). The band recorded basic tracks at Dorell's Pigeon Club studio in Hoboken NJ, including an impromptu six-minute jam version of "The Needle and the Damage Done." Next, Deb and Ramos recorded guitars at IIWII/SST Studios in Weehawken. "It was like being a kid in a candy store, only the candy was amps!" says Deb, who used everything from a Vox AC30 to a Mesa Boogie Rectifier on Get FreeWorldbeat singer Wynne Paris and legendary free-jazz clarinetist Perry Robinson stopped by. Perry played clarinet on "Love That Lasts" and Wynne added sarod (Indian lute) to "Howl at the Moon" and a Shiva chant to "Get Free." Deb has plays kirtan (Sanskrit call-and-reponse) with Wynne and Perry. Next, Deb moved to Krizan's Sonic Boom studio in Raritan NJ to work on vocals. Krizen sang backup on "Runaway" and "When It Comes Down" and added the guitar hook to "All That I Need." Wiser Time singer Carmen Scalfani dropped in to sing on "Howl at the Moon." Meanwhile, from LA, Michael W. Dean, ex-singer for Bomb, one of Deb's favorite '90s bands, sent backing vocals for "Demon In The Sack." His wife, Diary of an S&M Romance author Dollie Llama, added a (real) orgasm under the song's ripping guitar solo. Deb returned to the Pigeon Club to record Rob Clores on keys. She recorded more vocals and mixed with Dorell--carting a giant pile of reference CDs, from Blondie to Wolfmother. Get Free was mastered by Fred Kevorkian (White Stripes, Jesse Malin) on analog and digital gear. Printed on the CD is the Sanskrit prayer lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu - "May all beings everywhere be happy and free." CC license Get Free is Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license (except Runaway and The Needle and the Damage Done, all rights reserved). This license lets you use the music in your own videos, remixes, mashups etc. as long as you credit the band (BY), don't sell (NC=Non Commercial) and let others use what you make (SA=Share Alike).